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Letter from an aggrieved 'Number System' to Delhi CM

Dear sir,
Notwithstanding the fact that we rate your hard hitting decision to reduce the number of vehicles polluting  Delhi's atmosphere as marvellous ,  our Union of  Number System strongly disapproves with the rule behind rationing.
Bearing a legacy of famed mathematicians like Bhaskara , Aryabhatta , and Ramanujam isn't it undignified to employ simple elementary mathematics of odd and even to frame a rule which will affect the psyche of masses in general. Your rule, my dear,  has ignored the basic principle of mathematics : the difficult, the better.
The simplicity of identifying odd and even has sucked the breath out of your fellow protest groups, who were so longing to hug the deserted Jantar Mantar had you offered a more difficult proposition to Delhiwales . Infact, your transition from a coughing krantikari to a pondering adhikari has caught every ready-to-agitate soul unarmed.
But real world apart, the world of mathematics is under a severe trauma since you colluded with…

India is Cinema, Cinema is India

I had a dream. No wait!. Not the one like Sir Martin Luther King. It’s a simple one, the one we are more accustomed to in our ordinary lives. Its ordinariness makes me shy to share it with you.  But then  Sheikh Peer has rightly said “Whats in a Shame?”. Or is it 'Shakespeare' and 'name'? whatever, let it be 'shame' for a while. So my dream goes like ; From the Ramparts of Red Fort I saw our Prime Minister addressing to the nation on the eve of auspicious release of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani.  He  asked the  Shahrukh Sevaks and Ranveer Sena to maintain peace and harmony on this festive day . He also pleaded with the Whatsapp users to not spread rumors regarding Dilwale's story being leaked and warned them of falling in trap of negative publicity of SRK. Rather he suggested every cinezen to become a Dil Wale and support King Khan in his desperate days. Or they should carry packets of Bhaji inside theatre to watch Bhaji Lao Mastani.  
Someone in the crowd …