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The Islam I Know

I have no idea about various versions of Islam being  propagated across the world. The repeated news debates over Islam has repeatedly failed to make sense to me. Their Urduish accents  are no better than Italian movies without subtitle.  One of the demerits of 32 inch HD LED TV is that the frowning news anchor seems like your father threatening you to score a hundred out of hundred in Mathematics. They may jump out of screen and slap you red next time if you don't heed to them Their debates have made Islam so complex that the complex differential equations involving omegas,iotas, sigmas, gammas and with respect other ammas seems more rudimentary to me.
I have also no idea of what others conceive about people who follow Islam and its practices. Let me break a breaking news to you all.  The followers of Islam are from the very earth we all link our origin to. Well,  you don’t need an assurance from me after all . They are as simple as people of any other religion for whom religi…

Why on Earth are you not Married?

My brother’s marriage is scheduled for the last  week of November. Delighted? Well,  I don’t intend to invite anyone. But I will try to inform everyone. Yes!. Everyone from mychacheri chachi’seldest daughter in law  to the Fuferi BuaI have never seen. From thegaanv waleTaujito my lesser known cousins sprinkled all over India. From the friends who have preserved their ‘likes’ and  ‘comments’ like treasures on  facebook to the ones who have mindlessly but loyally  liked all the shi*****  I post. (Extra stars is just to bemuse you, consider the first word knocking the mind as correct!)
Our social norm expects us to blast such news to all. So what better way than on a social networking site. You may like, comment or share in hundreds. So that even a remotely located tech-savvy kid of Jagada tribe of Africa knows that one elder brother of one hapless person in some place called India is finally about to get married. Let there be prayers in churches ,offerings in temples, nazranas in masjids…

Harry Potter and The Battle of Bihar

Harry Potter and The Battle of Bihar

Bihar has successfully weathered the month long slugfest festival enjoyed thoroughly by  the insatiable media. During the same time I bumped across a news about “Harry Potter and the cursed child”,  a play revolving around the Potter story 19 years later where it left, scheduled to open at London Theatre in July 2016. Within seconds the Potter mania engulfed my consciousness and I relived the decade long symbolic association with the wizard as if time travelling in Hermoines’s Time Turner in the  Prisoner of Azkaban. But the ever monotonous news updates about Bihar elections unwittingly  hooked me to the present.

I tried again to peek into the Hogwarts school and found myself surrounded by muggles all across from Bihar. Muggles from Munger to Darbhanga, Muggles of all castes and religion. I found the wizarding atmosphere full of political colours. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff houses were now owned by various political parties ho…
Diwali ka Diwala
This Diwali make your smartphone shop for you right from the luxury of your home. Or this Diwali go out and shop your heart full on new hero bike. This Diwali just donty shop for you but for your entire family. This Diwali paint your home bright with Asian Paints. This Diwali go broke, bankrupt, get ruined and stay impoverished everafter. Deepika padukone in Tanishq ad rightly says that for past many years Diwali in her home has not changed. She always gets a jewellery fromm his father. And in the end just as if that would not be enough her mother also has a jewellery which we surely know fromm her expression that it is new. Sure way to get the Diwala out of your father. Or paint your home not with ordinary distemper or chuna, dig deep into your pocket and have your house painted with nerolac paint or Nerolac ki raunak as asked by Shahrukh khan. Aur is Diwali khushiyan lle chalo, Cadbury celebrations le chalo. Larger the packet larger the khushiyan lesser the number …