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Indian Railways to replicate ISRO
After ISRO’s success, His MODISTY has asked Indian Railways to replicate something similar. To which all railway officials have responded, unanimously.
After 3 days high intensity meeting of top officials of Engineering, operating, Mechanical, Safety, commercial and don’t know how many deptts  the IR has decided to send a WDM-5H Diesel powered Loco to Mars.  Much deliberation and highly creative minds were invested to name the mission. The onus was to name something which must sound different than MOM or DAD and resembles both Rail and Mars. Finally the mission was named ,but obvious, Rail On Mars (ROM), which has nothing to do with appeasing MOR. Another name which was contemplated was Rail On Mars Surface (ROMS), but then it was dropped citing its similarity to abbreviation MOSR.
The project saw initial hiccups when a hakim type looking babu of Accounts deptt,  who is struggling to come in terms with allopathic medicines and latest technology in railw…